Did you know...

Winning photo

Did you know…

…that a Hungarian photographer had great success at the Royal Museums Greenwich, UK International Astrophotography Competition on September 10th?  In the “People and Space” category, Schmall Rafael won the first prize with his “Prison of Technology” photo.  In the middle of the photo is a star, “Albireo”, surrounded by flying manmade satellites. It makes you wonder how long it will take not to be able to see the stars, only satellites. 

Schmall Rafael is an associate of the Zselici Csillagpark (Starpark of Zselic).  He received many awards for his photos, including one from NASA, and twice Photo of the Year National Geographic Magyarország. His photos are on permanent exhibit at the Zselici Csillagpark.

The exhibits of this year’s photos can be seen until mid-October at Royal Museums Greenwich, UK.

Karolina Tima Szabo

…that COVID offered some opportunity for invention?

Hungarian orchestra conductor Fischer Iván was overwhelmed, seeing the multitude of face masks around Budapest.  The unpopular necessity of the pandemic inspired his creativity and he turned it into an instrument of music appreciation.

He designed two plastic cups formed like life-size palms fastened to the strings of the mask, to fit around the wearer’s ears, enhancing the enjoyment of the music with improved acoustics.

Fischer got the idea that it should look like a hand because “when we cup our palms around our ears, we understand the other person easier, we hear the consonants, and the music sounds much more beautiful.”  He also said that “his masks help to emulate church acoustics, with warmer undertones and clearer, sharper contours.”

After the debut of the mask, audience members claimed the sound was clearly better while wearing it.

The acoustic mask is available for $27 if ordered through the website of the orchestra.  It comes in glittery and black and white versions.

 Olga Vállay Szokolay