Chicken with Mushrooms àla Bakony


1 chicken, or 2 lbs. turkey breast cut into pieces
6 slices of bacon cut into small pieces and fried until glassy, with fat
          poured off
1/2 lb. mushrooms, washed and cut into halves, or quarters if large
½ pint sour cream or milk
1 large onion cut up
1 green pepper cut into small pieces
1 tomato
¼ tsp marjoram
¼ tsp pepper
1 tsp ground caraway seed
1 tsp salt


Fry bacon until glassy.  Pour off fat.  Add to bacon the onion, mushroom, green peppers and fry until liquids evaporated.

Add cut up chicken, spices and cut up tomato.  Add a small amount of water, cover and simmer slowly until chicken is done.  Do not overcook.

Take off lid and simmer until no liquid is left.

Just before serving, add sour cream and bring to boil for only half a minute.

Serve with dumplings, macaroni or spaghetti.  Serve cucumber salad, pickled beets on the side.


To serve, place cooked pasta on the serving tray, add chicken on top, and pour sauce over all.