Did you know….

Zsuzsa Lengyel

Did you know….

Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest

….that Ildikó Nagy, the Acting  Manager of the Hungarian House in New York, received a medal in recognition of her successful community – building and program organizing work encompassing almost every generation of Hungarians in the New York area? The award is called the Hungarian Cross of Merit.

Signed by President  Áder János, March 2, 2018.

…that Sophia Loren’s grandchildren are Hungarians?  Sophia’s older son, Carlo Ponti Jr. married a Hungarian girl, Andrea Mészáros. They have two children, Vittorio and Beatrice. They visit Hungary every summer, and spend time at the ”Hungarian Sea”, Lake Balaton. Both children speak Hungarian. The answer to the question, whether the children know that one of their grandmothers is a famous person, is no. She is just a regular grandmother!

…that for the fifth consecutive year, the Liszt Ferenc International Airport is considered the best airport in Eastern Europe?  According to Skytrax, last year the passenger traffic grew by 14.5 percent, reached 13.1 million and this January, passenger traffic has grown by 17 percent, coming close to 1 milion compared to last January.

They have a five year plan, which started three years ago. They are expanding the check-in area, putting in 11 new counters;  they increased the waiting area by 400 square meters, and they increased the parking area for  1000 more cars.