Weöres Sándor  
  Sándor napján megszakad a tél,  
  József napján megszűnik a szél,  
  zsákban Benedek  
  hoz majd meleget,  
  nincs több fázás, boldog, aki él.  

Weöres Sándor (1913-1989) was born in Szombathely.  His first poems were published by the prestigioius literary journal NYUGAT.  He studied law, geography and history, and received a  doctorate in Philosophy and Aesthetics.  He translated works from Ukrainian, Slovenian, Sanskrit, as well as a Taoist classic; two Shakespeare plays; Eliot's Waste Land; nonsense poems by Edward Lear, and the complete works of Stephane Mallarmé.  He had a wonderful feel for the Hungarian language, and some of his poems were used by actors to warm up before a performance. He also wrote many children's poems