Thu, Apr 24, 2014

Újévi köszöntő/New Year’s Wishes
Újévi köszöntő/New Year’s Wishes*
Adjon Isten három bé-t,                               May God grant us three b’s,
három ef-et, három pé-t:                              three f’s and three p’s:
bort, búzát, békességet,                               wine, wheat, and peacefulness,
fát, füvet, feleséget,                                     wood, grass and a wife,
pipát, puskát, pátronázst,                             a pipe, a rifle, patronage,
és egy hordó pálinkát.                                  and a barrel of brandy.
*It’s a custom in Hungary to greet one and all with rhymed New Year’s wishes, either traditional or composed by the individual. This is one of the better known traditional ones.

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