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Magyar Treasures: Funeral Oration and Prayer / Halotti Beszéd és Könyörgés

Magyar Treasures: 

 Funeral Oration and Prayer 

Halotti Beszéd és Könyörgés

 (ca. 1200) 


My brethren, you see with your own eyes what we are,
Surely we are but dust and ashes.

God in his divine grace first made Adam our ancestor,
And gave him Eden for his dwelling place.
He bade him live on all the fruits of Eden,
Forbidding the fruit of one tree only:
“If you eat of this fruit,
On that day shall you surely die the death of deaths.”

And Adam heard God, his Creator, speak of his death;
Yet he forgot.  He yielded to the Devil’s tempting,
And ate of that forbidden fruit.
In that fruit, he partook of death.
So bitter was its juice, it burnt his throat.
He ate death, not only for himself,
But for all his children’s children.
In anger, God cast Adam out of Eden,
Into this world of toil and pain,
And he became the nest of death and damnation,
Himself and all his children’s children.

Who are those children?  We are they,
As you can see with your own eyes.
None of us can escape that pit of doom,
That grave towards which we surely go.
Therefore we beg God’s grace
For this poor soul, his pity,
His mercy, and the forgiveness of sins.
We ask the Blessed Virgin and the Blessed Archangel Michael
And all the angels to pray for him.
We ask St. Peter, to whom God gave the power
To bind and unbind,
To deliver this man from all his sins.
And we beg all the Saints to speak on his behalf
Before Our Lord, that, hearing their prayers,
He may forgive his sins,
Set him free from the Devil and the tortures of Hell,
Lead him back to Eden’s rest, show him the way to Heaven,
And let him share in Heaven’s blessings.
Let us cry out to the Lord three times:
Kyrie eleison!

Dearly beloved brethren,
Let us pray for the soul of this poor man,
Whom the Lord this day has freed
From the prison of this false world,
Whose body we bury today,
That God in his grace may gather him
To the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Among the chosen ones,
His saints who sit upon His right hand;
And that this man’s soul may ascend
When the Day of Judgment comes.
So be it for you all.
Clamate ter. (Cry three times): Kyrie Eleison!


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