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It’s a Small World!

It’s a Small World!

viola vonfi

“You’ve got to see this painting!” said our Webmaster Karolina over the phone.  “Check your email!” 

I did and saw this photo of a Hungarian dancing couple – in motion!  You could almost hear the music and see them as the girl’s skirts swirled and the man did his intricate steps. 

“We’ll have to find out who the painter is, and we need to write about him!” 

This is what we found:

His name is Scott Kish, grandson of Hungarian immigrants to Canada, and his trademark is “capturing the synergy of movement”, as a blurb explains it. 

Since his specialty at the University of Waterloo was in human anatomy and visual information processing, it is easy to see how movement would become the focus of his art.  From looking at his paintings, one would never suspect that he had no education in art and is basically self-taught.  

As for his roots, Scott’s grandfather immigrated to Canada from Penészlek in northeastern Hungary in 1925.  (His grandmother, also of Hungarian stock, was already born in Canada.)  At the time, the Hungarian immigrants were put on a train and sent out to Manitoba, where they built railroads in the summer and worked the mines in the winter. 

Eventually, Scott’s grandparents came back East, to a Hungarian settlement south of London, Ontario, two hours west of Toronto, where they bought a farm and farmed for many years.  Then they moved into London, where his grandfather had a stall at the local market.  Since he spoke many languages, he was able to deal with all European customers. Scott was born in London, ON.

Scott paints in oil on canvas, and does watercolors, mostly in an 11”x15” format.  The “Hungarian Dancers” is one of a series he is creating to depict the culture of his grandfather’s homeland. This project, inspired by a trip to Hungary to visit relatives, provides a variety of subject matter – not only dancers, but also landscapes, sports.  The series may be seen on his website www.KishLimitedEditions.com 

He has travelled overseas many times – to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean.  He lives between Toronto and Hamilton, and sells his paintings on line. 

We wish him all the best in his career and look forward to the rest of his Hungarian Series.

viola vonfi is our correspondent from Stamford, CT.  She finds it amusing that one of her ancestors was knighted by Wallenstein during the Thirty Years’ War.


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