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It’s a Small World!


This happened in the processing camp of Wentorf near Hamburg, where we spent a month undergoing physical exams before being admitted to the US in July 1949.

We were housed dormitory-style, in former German army barracks, 3-story brick buildings, with about 30 hopeful immigrants in each large dormitory hall.  Most of those in ours came from the Baltic states. 

One day, a young priest, probably Lithuanian, came to visit.  Our beds were opposite the door, and so he came to us first and asked about our nationality.  When Remy replied, ”Hungarian”, his face lit up and he began to recite the Our Father, ”Miatyánk, ki vagy a mennyekben...”  His accent was bad, as Remy related years later, but we listened respectfully until he came to ”mindennapi kenyerünket add meg nekünk” – but then he continued ”holnap” – ("our daily bread give us tomorrow") - and Remy burst out laughing.  The priest stopped,  embarrassed.  Some Hungarian jokester must have taught him this way.  We never had a chance to explain, as he left abruptly. 

But it was a small – albeit embarrassing – world! 


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