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Did you know ...?
Did you know ...?

Szin Jázmin

…that a 10-year-old Hungarian girl competed and finished fifth among a field of 60 international contestants, many almost twice her age? Szin Jázmin is a student of mental mathematics, a new “sport” that has been introduced recently in Hungary and is currently getting taught only at Jázmin’s hometown, Szeged.

The essence of it is to do all calculations in one’s head, faster than using instruments.  

On June1st, 2019, Jázmin participated in an international competition at Reken, Germany. According to her teacher, Soós Boglárka, the Hungarian coordinator of the Little Genius Mental Arithmetic School, competitors of nine countries vied to solve incredible tasks in more than 17 areas. The problems, among other hair-raising goals, included multiplying 20-digit numbers by 20-digit numbers, cube-root extractions, currency exchanges etc., for two hours.

Their task was exacerbated by the ban of using paper and pencil, except for the results. Since some categories had no age limits, the 10-year-old Jázmin competed against some 19-year-olds as well.

Our sincere congratulations to the Little Genius!

…that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has Hungarian connections? His mother, world-famous fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt who died on June 17th, 2O19 at age 95, was the niece of Countess Gladys Vanderbilt Széchenyi.

Gloria significantly increased the hefty millions left by her father. Her fashion design and manufacturing enterprise has been in the center of the jeans industry for decades.

She was 17 when she married Mr. Pat DiCicco of alleged mafia fame, and 21 when she became the wife of the legendary conductor Leopold Stokowski, 63.  Gloria’s third, in 1956, was film director Sidney Lumet when they were both 32.

Her fourth marriage was to Wyatt Emory Cooper, Anderson’s father.

Her Hungarian connection is through her aunt, Gladys Vanderbilt, youngest child of railroad magnate Cornelius. In 1908, Gladys married Count László Széchenyi de Sárvár-felsővidék, whose great-uncle was Széchenyi István.  








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