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Did you know ...
Did you know ...

300 years old linden tree

... that there is a protected 300 year old linden tree that lives on the side of Somló mountain, Veszprém County? It is located in a fenced- in area by the St. Margaret chapel. (The original chapel was built during King Mátyás’ rule. It was destroyed during the Turkish invasion and was rebuilt in 1727.) The tree was hit by lightning in 1983, but survived, and lives in the shoots that sprout every year. 

 ... that Hungarian ELTE University (Eötvös Lóránd Tudomány Egyetem of Budapest) won the important law competition organized annually by Philip C.Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition last month?  This competition has been held every year in Washington since 1960.  This was a great achievement for the students since it was the first time they went to the finals and defeated the team of Yale, Columbia, Berkeley and King’s College, London.  

In the past, ELTE groups received points and rewards, but they never had the opportunity to go so far. The event had 2,000 contestants from 680 universities and 100 countries. The team of ELTE consisted of  Bazsó Gábor, Buda Zolta, Koncsik Marcell and Szép Vanessza, who were helped and prepared by Kajtar Gábor, Sulyok Katalin and Pap Dániel.

“The writing part involves preparing two 60-page-long memoranda in English. In the oral part, the teams present two 45-minute oral pleadings in English before a panel of three judges, during which they are expected to answer the questions posed by the judges “- according to ELTE’S website.



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