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It’s a Small World!

Vass Ildikó and István were married in Mátyás templom in Szeged in 1972. The following year, on April 6, 1973, they flew to Rome for a 14-day Italian tour.  On the 12th day of the tour, having seen quite a bit of the country, they took their suitcases and reported to the nearest police station, requesting asylum. 

They were put on a train for Trieste, where they were examined for a month and a half, to make sure they were not subversives.  At the end of that  time, they were sent to the refugee camp at Latina, where they were housed in a large building reserved for families.  There they met a couple, Darányi Tibor and Ilona, with their sons István (probably 8-10 years old), and Tibor (perhaps 12-14 years old).       

Ildikó and István arrived in the US on January 15th, 1974.  They lived in various places before finally settling in Orange County, NY.  For years they attended the Hungarian Mass at St. Margit Church in Yonkers, where they met Szklenka Piroska.  Nowadays, Piroska sometimes attends the monthly Hungarian Mass celebrated by Fr. Csete Iván at Port Jervis, NY, where Ildikó and István organize the luncheon after the Mass.

Recently, Ildikó found out that Darányi Ilona was actually Piroska’s sister!  She learned that the Darányis had also come to New York, where they worked as superintendents in an apartment building.  Ilona also sewed.

And so it was that, 45 years after their original encounter in Italy, they once again connected with the Darányis!  Because ... (you know the refrain!) ... Kicsi a világ!  


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