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Did you know…

Did you know….

…that a huszár  (hussar in English – meaning light cavalry) exhibition opened in London? At the opening,  Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovinczky, the Hungaian Ambassador, pointed out that there was a time in history when the whole of Europe copied the Hungarians, and emphasized  that we believe the huszár tradition expresses the soul of the Hungarian nation.

General Sir Richard Shirreff – who was himself a hussar - emphasized how important the hussars were in the life of the British Army, and they are proud of the relationship with the Hungarian huszárs.

The exhibit shows the history of the huszárs, from when they first appeared in Hungary in the XV century through when they were  established in the British Army.  Visitors can explore the excellent descriptions, uniforms and weaponry. There is even a picture of Winston Churchill in a hussar uniform.

The exhibit will be open until June of 2019. 

Zsuzsa Lengyel, Associate Webmaster


.. that the Apostolic Nuncio to Hungary is of Hungarian-American descent?  Archbishop Michael August Blume was born in South Bend, IN, where his grandmother, Kocsis Anna had emigrated from Himod, in the Rábaköz area of western Hungary.  He attended Our Lady of Hungary Church and school in South Bend before being ordained there as a priest of the Society of the Divine Word.  He was appointed Apostolic Nuncio to several African nations before being named to Hungary in July of 2018.  Archbishop Blume visited his ancestral village on the third Sunday of Advent, where he was warmly received.  He has started learning Hungarian.



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