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It’s a Small World – With a Twist

It’s a Small World – With a Twist


My good friends, Liz and Lajkó Cséry of Wilton, Connecticut, own a handsome young Magyar Vizsla named Toby.  They regularly take the dog along on trips, as one of the family. 

Visiting his mother a few months ago, Lajkó was walking Toby across the Lánchid in Budapest. A young couple stopped to pay a compliment on the well-groomed purebred.  Upon their inquiry, Lajkó told them that he had purchased the canine from a breeder in New York State.  In their further Hungarian conversation it turned out that the couple also lived in the United States and happened to know the breeder!

This small world of ours can even be reversed but there are Hungarians – and Americans! – everywhere.  Even in Hungary…

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