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Did you know ...

Top: Zsolt Robotka; Bottom: signing

Did you know ...

... that there is a new technology that translates American Sign Language to English? 

The Budapest based company SignAll developed it.  This is great news for the deaf and hearing-impaired people to communicate better.  As Zsolt Robotka, co-founder and CEO of the company said in one of his interviews, that was the reason they created this software that makes the translation.

The system consists of two monitors and four cameras; one camera is for the deaf user, and one for the hearing user.  The SignAll website explains how it works:  “The deaf and hearing party sit down and communicate via on-screen chat dialogue, using their own language.  The deaf person wears a colorful glove and signs to the camera; the colors of the gloves help the technology to differentiate the fingers.  The hearing person uses voice, and the speech is picked up by automatic speech recognition.”

The only university in the world for the deaf and hearing-impaired is  Gallaudet in Washington, D.C.  SignAll worked together with them last June to fine-tune the program.

This program could also be used for businesses besides education and social interaction, allowing the needy people to communicate better, making their lives so much more pleasant and interesting and giving them more joy.  This is definitely a very good invention and all the professional team involved in this project should get great recognition for their achievement.

István Arato, son of Hungarian immigrant parents, was born in São Paolo, Brazil where he was a journalist.  He came to the US in 1996 and now works in the hospitality/restaurant business.  He attends the Hungarian School sponsored by Magyar Studies of America in Fairfield, CT.

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