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Did you know ...

... that the Budapest Opera House has one of the best acoustics of all European theaters?  The horseshoe-shaped theater’s wood paneling and the ventilating system which runs under the floor, as well as the somewhat hard seats contribute to the good acoustics.  Seats are not crammed together, but are comfortably spaced. 

At the time of its construction (1875), its stage was considered very modern, having been built with mostly metal instead of wood.  The chandelier weighs close to two metric tons, and is lowered by a hand-operated winch when the lights have to be changed. 

The ceiling fresco, depicting The Apotheosis of Music, is the work of Lotz Károly, who depicted himself as the figure of Zeus, and his daughter as Aphrodite.

Only two kilograms of extra-thin gold leaf were used for gilding the interior of the Opera House,  applied with brushes made of squirrel hair.  (Human touch would have turned it into powder!) 

Emperor Francis Joseph supported building of the  Budapest Opera House, but stipulated that it could not be larger than the one in Vienna.  When completed, he is supposed to have said, ”It truly is not bigger, but I forgot to mention that is should not be more beautiful either!”

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