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Did you know ...

Bagó Ákos, Fotó: Mervai Márk

Did you know…

… that another Hungarian film was nominated for a best foreign language film Oscar?  Testről és lélekről (Body and Soul) is an Enyedi Anikó film, the third to be nominated in that category.

The film already won best film at the Berlin International Film Festival, and Borbély Alexandra won best actress. It also won the grand prize at the Sydney Film Festival last June. 

In the film we can see that simple people have the same dreams and feelings just like most of us.

... that a specially-shaped pen, designed by design engineer Bagó Ákos, promotes better hand posture and facilitates the process of  learning to write?  It is recommended not only for young children, but also for the left-handed, and as a tool for rehabilitation of those who have injured their hand.  While it may take a little time to get used to it, it will facilitate the writing process in the long run.  Called the UO-pen, it uses a blue ink cartridge, and comes in a variety of colors.

... that a life-saving drone has been built by Imets Tamás to deliver first aid to injured individuals in remote areas, such as mountain climbers, picnickers and hikers?  He is a high school student in Csíkszereda, who has been awarded two international inventors’ scholarships. 

Another of his inventions uses Jedi-style hand motions to activate other electronic devices, a form of home automation that would greatly assist handicapped people.

We wish him all the best in his budding inventor’s career!

... that a “smart bandage” has been developed by 16-year old Szegedi Melinda ?  It can regulate body temperature by either heating or cooling, and thus can be used for thermotherapy.  

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