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Did you know...

Ford Model-T assembly line designed by Galamb József

Did you know…

... that for the 100th anniversary of the Model-T Ford in 2013, the Hungarian Post Office released a stamp honoring Galamb József, chief engineer for Ford for 40 years. He designed that now classic, world-famous vehicle, and worked out its mass production. The Model-T was what made the Ford Motor Company the major producer of cars. By 1932, over 15 million had rolled off the assembly line.

Also linked to Galamb’s name are the spark plug, and designs for the Model-A car and the Fordson tractor. This tractor was lighter and handled more easily than its traditional counterparts. They amounted to over half of all tractors manufactured in the U.S. in 1925. Seven thousand of them were ordered by the British government.

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