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American-Hungarian Community

What it Means to be Hungarian

“Every year, the Pannonia American-Hungarian Club sponsors the Café Budapest Debutante Ball.  The Fairfield, CT-based Club’s main objective is to promote Hungarian culture and its traditions.

“During the Café Budapest Ball, the ‘Justin Margitay-Balogh Scholarship’ is awarded to two young Hungarians, or Hungarian-Americans who have entered a higher level of education.

“In 2021, due to the Covid19 virus, the Debutante Ball has been  cancelled.  This year’s scholarship awardees are Monika Mihók and Greta Sárközy. Both recipients were active in the life of the Pannonia Club since early childhood, participating in its Christmas programs, and later on were debutantes at the Café Budapest Ball.  They are both studying at the University of Connecticut, with excellent results.  

“We wish Monika and Greta success in the future!    

“Valéria Miklós, President and the                                                       Board members of the Pannonia American-Hungarian Club”

The following was Mónika Mihok’s qualifying essay.

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Monika Mihók

Coming  Soon . . .
Coming Soon . . .

. . . a comprehensive compendium of articles tracing the events which led to the devastating ”Treaty” of Trianon, and some of its main effects, published in Magyar News Online. 

Print order form by clicking on the pdf button inside, and mail to the address listed on the bottom.

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