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 American-Hungarian Community

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 Arts and Culture

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Paprika III
During th thhe 1980’s Claudia and Joseph Balogh wrote, edited and presented an informative radio series in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area as part of the weekly program featuring Rózsika and László, very well known and respected Hungarian musicians. The Hungarian Mosaic focused on a variety of topics of interest to Hungarian Americans and were pleased to present another of the topics. See the full story...

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MIMI – a novel
Even those who do not care for history will be enchanted with “Mimi”, a novel set in the World War II era. And they will receive an insight into a period of Hungarian history as seen through its impact on individual lives.  See the full story...
Ágnes Huszár Várdy

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Same Idea, Different Words

There are numerous proverbs denoting similar concepts in Hungarian and in English, but it’s done with different expressions. Here is a handful of them.

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Sárga túró (Yellow Cheese)

An Easter specialty from Szabolcs County. It may be served with the traditional Easter dinner.

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 Hungary Past and Present

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Another One for the Book!

Hungarians once again made the Guinness Book of Records. No, not in any sporting event … but – are you ready? – in tasting doughnuts!

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Snapshots: TOKAJ, Wine capital of Hungary

Whether you like wine or not, the Tokaj area of Hungary is well worth a visit, providing a glimpse into the country's most famous export. Join us on the most famous wine route in Hungary, perhaps in the world.

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Paul and Debbie Soos

 It's a Small World/Kicsi a Világ

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Did you know...

…that the Hungarian Post Office has released a commemorative stamp honoring the designer of the Model-T Ford?

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